DAILY RATE: € 30.00 per person, double occupancy. Each room has a private bathroom with shower, TV/ VD player, hairdryer, air conditioning and heat pump...

B&B Umberto33 remembers you that every room is furnished with a bathroom inside the room, with shower cubicle, TV, DVD player, hairdryer, air conditioner and Air-conditioner.

In addiction, the owner will give you the opportunity to see the documentary about Piazza Armerina´s history and culture, Palio dei Normanni and Villa del Casale while enjoying an excellent local wine suggested by the wine cellar shop near the B&B.

Finally, on your personal request, the owner can organize a guided visit for you at "Villa Romana del Casale" to see our splendid mosaics.

for reservation and availability, you are pleased to fill in the following form.

B&B Umberto 33

Via Umberto, 33

Piazza Armerina, EN 94015

Sicily - Italy

Mob. (+39) 340 558 60 02

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